Order Information

We will gladly accept your orders by e-mail or fax.
E-Mail: order.innu@ist-ag.com
Fax: +49 30 948 933 81

For price inquiries and quotations outside Germany/Austria/Switzerland and any questions regarding distribution partners please contact:

Diana Hepprich
Head of Sales I Authorized signatory
Mobile: +49 176 177 771 80
E-mail: diana.hepprich@ist-ag.com

For price inquiries and quotations for the area of Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland please contact:

Dr. Sandra Tückmantel
Dipl.-Biol. I Sales Manager AT / CH / D-South
Mobile: +43 676 604 47 33
Phone: +49 30 948 933 79
E-mail: sandra.tueckmantel@ist-ag.com

For price inquiries and quotations for the area of Central and Northern Germany please contact:

Dr. Nancy Jahn
Dipl.-Biol. I Sales Manager D-Central / North
Mobile: +49 171 9116 476
E-mail: nancy.jahn@ist-ag.com

Information you need to place an order

  1. your name, phone number and e-mail address
  2. institute/company
  3. shipping and billing address, if applicable
  4. VAT Registration number (outside Germany)
  5. your order number, if applicable
  6. order number
  7. product name, package size and quantity

We reserve the right to change product specifications and prices without notice.


For technical questions, please send an e-mail to
info.innu@ist-ag.com or contact directly

Kristin Wessel
Head of Product Management
Mobile: +49 170 765 94 13
E-mail: kristin.wessel@ist-ag.com

If you need safety data sheets for our products,
please send us an e-mail to sds.innu@ist-ag.com.

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