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Founded in 2005, IST Innuscreen GmbH specializes in the field of nucleic acid isolation and purification, molecular diagnostics including molecular biology reagents. The company offers a broad product portfolio of kits, assays and reagents - including kits and assays for PCR and qPCR/real-time PCR.

The business areas are based on several unique technology platforms for the isolation and purification of nucleic acids, extraction of high molecular weight DNA for NGS applications, and enrichment of biomolecules such as cell-free nucleic acids, viruses, phages or subcellular particles. These platforms are protected by 38 patents and patent applications.

IST Innuscreen products are the lifeline for any lab involved with low and high-volume nucleic acid extraction or detection and which wants to evolve through efficiency and testing accuracy

Located in Berlin, the company is certified for ISO EN13485. In 2020, AJ Innuscreen GmbH was acquired by Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG and renamed IST Innuscreen GmbH.



Your Contact at IST Innuscreen

Dr. Timo Hillebrand
General Manager | General Management
Phone: +49 30 948 933 84 | Mobile: +49 176 177 771 01
E-mail: timo.hillebrand@ist-ag.com

Diana Hepprich
Head of Sales I Authorized signatory
Mobile: +49 176 177 771 80
E-mail: diana.hepprich@ist-ag.com

Quality management

We provide you with the highest quality products!

Our company is certified according to ISO 13485:2016. All processes, our strict quality management system and our product controls guarantee the highest quality of each product and provide a guarantee of reliable results.

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